Q1: Is FLOBAX FDA certified?

Intex Natural Product Inc is registered with the US. Food and Drug Administration pursuant to section 305 of the United States Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002, P.L. 107-188, such registration having been verified as currently effective on the date hereof by Registar Corp. See Quality Assurance.

U.S FDA Registration No: 15646174370 | For all other inquiries contact us at: info@flobax.com

Q2: What is Flobax?

FLOBAX is 100% natural supplement created to help reduce chronic back and joint pain. FLOBAX is an alternative to traditional medicines and surgery.

Q3: How does it work?

Hydrolized collagen and the other associated molecules go to the target cells after they were absorbed and distributed by blood to various tissues and organs. It is at the cellular level that these molecules act by nourishing the cell, on the one hand with new molecular inputs, and in addition by stimulating those to produce new whole collagen molecules and proteoglycans which will be secreted in the surrounding matrix of the cell and will come to replace the old molecules that lost their functional effectiveness.

Q4: Who created FLOBAX?

Flobax was created by Dominic Petrilli C.E.O and founder of Intex Natural Products Inc. The product was formulated in conjunction with Medelys Laboratory International.

Q5: Who should use FLOBAX?

Individuals who suffer from chronic back pain or any form of joint pain.

Q6: Compare FLOBAX to other natural products?

What makes FLOBAX so superior is the quality of its ingredients (collagen). After countless studies and tests Intex Natural Products Inc. has created the perfect Natural product designed for back suffers and stiffness.
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Q7: How long will it take before I feel results?

Although we all vary in (age, sex, physical condition. etc) results can be felt in 20-35 days.

Q8: When is the best time to take FLOBAX?

Before dinner or bed on an empty stomach.

Q9: I take medication for blood pressure can I take FLOBAX?

Although FLOBAX is 100% natural you should consult your physician before intake.

Q10: How does FLOBAX help with back pain?

As we age, our joints and discs tend to lose elasticity and hydration, thus resulting in stiffness and inflammation.
Collagen is the glue that holds our bones together and we stop producing it as we age. FLOBAX gives you the necessary quantity of Collagen that will help reduce symptoms of aging and reduce inflammation.