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Cervical Stenosis

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Cervical Stenosis Surgery

The cervical spine is a term used to collectively describe the seven vertebrae that make up the spinal column in the neck area. The cervical spine also includes eight spinal nerves i.e. C1 to C8. Spine surgery performed to correct cervical spinal stenosis is known as Cervical Spinal Surgery. The surgery is performed to correct problems in the vertebrae, nerves or discs.

Cervical spinal surgery procedures vary depending on the exact cause of the problem. For example, if the problem involves a herniated disc then the surgical procedure will be adapted with the aim of removing the herniated disc. However, all cervical spinal surgery procedures are aimed at relieving the symptoms of spinal stenosis such as pain, numbness, tingling and weakness. The aim of the surgeon is to restore proper nerve function and prevent further damage to the spinal cord or nerves.

Cervical spinal surgery for spinal stenosis is extensive. To take the pressure off the nerves or the spinal cord, the surgeon may either make a surgical cut in the back or the front of the body. Through this cut the surgeon will take out the bone or disc that is causing pressure on the nerve roots or the spinal cord. However, this procedure may result in a weakened spine. Thus a second alternative may be required if the spinal column is significantly weakened by the removal of the bone or disc.

Spinal fusion is an alternative to the removal of a disc or vertebral bone. It may be used in place of the above procedure or used in combination with the above procedure. Spinal fusion involves joining the vertebrae together with a bone graft. The bone graft may be a bone taken from your own body or from a bone bank.

Instrumentation may be used to further strengthen and stabilize the spine. This involves the use of metal plates, wires or screws to stop abnormal motion of the spine and restore the functions of the nerves.

Risks associated with cervical spinal surgery are similar to those associated with other surgeries such as reactions to medication, bleeding, infection, breathing complications, injury to the spinal cord or nerves and damage of blood vessels feeding into the spinal cord as a result of failed fusion.

Cervical Stenosis Surgery
Cervical Stenosis Surgery is used to correct the part of the spine in the neck.
Article published January 28th, 2011
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