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Spinal Stenosis Symptoms

Stenosis TreatmentSpinal Stenosis › Recognizing Spinal Stenosis Symptoms

Recognizing Spinal Stenosis Symptoms

Several signs and symptoms associated with spinal stenosis can be associated with other conditions. It is therefore common for people affected by spinal stenosis to ignore the onset of the disease and blame the symptoms on something else. However, there are several ways in which the symptoms related to spinal stenosis can be differentiated from those indicating the development of other conditions.

The symptom common to all people suffering from spinal stenosis is pain.

The pain is excruciating and radiates from the sciatica or area where the nerves are being compressed. In some cases the pain may spread out to the limbs that are nearest to the site of compression. Therefore a patient with cervical spinal stenosis may display pain in the arm and neck while one with lumbar spinal stenosis may exhibit pain in
the legs and lower back.

However, many people suffer the same kind of pain resulting from other conditions. How can you therefore differentiate pain indicating the development of spinal stenosis? Pain experienced in the legs and back is usually worse when walking, sitting upright or lifting heavy objects. While in other conditions the pain eases when the patient lies down, the pain for those suffering from spinal stenosis will take several minutes to fade away when the patient is at rest.

A symptom of progressed spinal stenosis is stiffness or numbness. Spinal stenosis affects the functions of the nervous system since it involves physical damage to the nerves or the spinal cord itself. Patients with spinal stenosis may suffer stiffness or numbness in their legs or arms. This is an indication that the disease is in an advanced stage. Leg cramps are common during and after long walks or standing for prolonged periods.

Stenosis of the Spine

Some patients may experience a burning sensation in their limbs. Some experience a lack of sensation while others still experience a tingling feeling. Many people suffering from stenosis of the spine experience weakness in their limbs. In cases where the condition has advanced to a critical stage the person may experience impaired walking. Others may be unable to hold or grip objects in their hands as a result of the condition.

Recognizing Spinal Stenosis Symptoms
Signs and symptoms associated with spinal stenosis
Article published January 28th, 2011
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