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Stenosis Treatment

Stenosis TreatmentSpinal Stenosis › Stenosis Treatment in UK

Stenosis Treatment

Spinal Stenosis Treatment in UK

The treatment of spinal stenosis in the UK usually begins with the administration of conservative non invasive treatment methods. These methods include the administration of different types of medication to relieve pain and inflammation, physical therapy and spinal injections. If conservative methods do not result in any positive effects, more aggressive treatment methods are used. These include surgical procedures such as laminectomy and spinal decompression. These procedures involved the removal of the bone or disc that is compressing the nerve. Both surgical procedures are very involving and result in the damage of muscular and soft tissue.

Advances in technology and medical science however, have resulted in the development of a new technique for the decompression of nerves known as the X-Stop procedure (Interspinous Process Distraction Procedure). This procedure is an indirect means of reducing pressure on the nerves. It involves the use of an X-Stop, an interspinous distraction device. The X-Stop is inserted between the spine processes in the affected area. The device causes the lumbar segment to assume a flexed position resulting in the formation of a larger area within the spine. This in turn relieves pressure on the compressed nerves. The procedure therefore achieves decompression without having to expose the nerves.

Patients in the UK who have undergone the procedure have reported showing better clinical outcomes compared to those undergoing conservative and other surgical treatments. The treatment is minimally invasive and does not require the administration of post operative analgesic or lengthy recovery down time.

You will be required to spend up to 24 hours in the hospital following your operation. You will be able to move with a little help on the day after the procedure has been performed. Most patients are discharged from hospital on the day after their operations following a brief check from the operating surgeon.

For the best results a physiotherapist may be recommended to you. Following the operation, patients experience a significant reduction in pain. Muscle weakness may be experienced for a short period. The muscles regain their strength after some time. Aches and pains around the wound are not an uncommon occurrence.

Stenosis Treatment
Spinal Stenosis Treatment in Canada.
Article published February 11th, 2011
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