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Relieve Sciatic Pain

SciaticaSciatica TreatmentRelieve Sciatic Pain

Relieve Sciatic Pain

There are many different sciatica causes.

There are many different sciatica causes. This condition can be caused by various ailments. The sciatica leg pain is one of the most common, although not everyone experiences it. For instance, with piriformis syndrome, one will experience pain and discomfort in the hip and buttock area while in the case of herniated disc; pain is only felt on the calf or foot.

Herniated disc also referred to as a slipped disc is one of the most common sciatica causes. Water content is lost in the cushioned spinal disc which causes it to shift in between the vertebrae and brittles. The disc will then start pressing against nerve roots in the lower parts of one’s back which will in turn irritate the sciatic nerve causing the condition.

Narrowing of the spinal canal is scientifically known as Spinal Stenosis and is caused by arthritis conditions or aging. The ligaments start to calcify or thicken while bones within the spinal cord start to enlarge. This in turn reduces space within this region creating a certain amount of pressure against the nerve roots. When the same thing happens to the lower parts of your spine, the sciatic nerve is compressed which causes pain in the legs.

Fractures in the spine are also one of sciatica causes. Spondylolisthesis begins as a fractured vertebrae in parts of your spine and occurs when a vertebrae slips over another one. This can either be due to another condition such as osteoporosis or diseases that tend to reduce bone density. To treat this case one might require surgery.

Most people overlook Piriformis syndrome as one of sciatica causes. The condition is known to irritate or tighten piriformis muscle which is found right outside the hip area. This muscle is the one that enables us to rotate the hip when our legs are extended. If by any chance the piriformis muscle is overused and inflamed, you might start experiencing some leg pain due to pressure.

There are also various rare sciatica causes such as cancer and certain infections. It is very important to detect this condition in its early stages and seek medical attention.

Relieve Sciatic Pain
Relieve sciatic pain by understanding the causes of sciatica.
Article published April 1st, 2011
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