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Relief for Sciatica

SciaticaSciatica Treatment › Natural Treatment Options

Relief for Sciatica

Natural Sciatica Treatment Options.

Sciatica is a painful condition that mainly affects the lower back, hips and the legs. It is also treatable and the interesting thing is that you can do so using natural sciatica treatment options.

Before we move on, you at least need to know what causes sciatica. There are various causes for the condition, but one that stands out is having a herniated spinal cord disc. At times the disc shifts its position and moves away from the set lining, which causes it to release stress fluid that is the main cause for inflammation. Such slipping of the disc comes as a result of various factors and some that you may not even know is that frequent sitting on your wallet together with wearing a tool belt can cause the condition.

Sciatic Pain Condition

The condition can also come as a result of an accident, or by a simple increase in weight. Remember having a lot of weight stresses your bone structure and the spinal disc might move out of position trying to adapt to the situation. There are many causes for sciatica and there are also various methods of treating the condition and one that is more affordable and easy to carry out is the use of natural methods.

Remember that the sciatica pain you have with the condition is simply because of the inflammation. Though pain killers might help you sleep better, they do not treat the condition and hence you will wake up with the same nagging pain. Luckily, among the various spices that we use, is a cure. Ginger and turmeric are great anti-inflammatory agents and frequent intake of the same will clear the inflammation.

You can also frequently put some ice in an ice pack and place it on the area that pains the most and with frequent recurrence of the procedure the pain will naturally fade away.

Sciatic Pain Condition

Exercising is also a great way of treating sciatica. Remember that you need special exercises hence you have to seek help from yoga masters who might give you better tips. Please remember that the above listed methods should never be used as an alternative to your doctor’s prescription, rather you need to ask for your doctor’s advice before even indulging in these practices.

Relief for Sciatica
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Article published April 8th, 2011
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