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Sciatica Treatment

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Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica Pain Treatment in USA

Sciatica which is nerve pain caused by pressure being exerted on the sciatic nerve in one of various ways is quite a common condition in the United States. Treatment options for this condition are numerous, each tailored for specific special circumstances that lead to the condition. Therefore, for effective treatment of sciatica the specific cause of the nerve pain should always be determined so that an effective regimen of treatment can be recommended.

Today in the US, sciatica treatment can be done using recently discovered minimally invasive spine procedures. These procedures are very suitable for those with sciatica conditions caused by herniated discs since once the disc is removed and the pinching of the nerve stopped, the condition is resolved quickly. Also those with sciatica resulting from spinal stenosis can be treated using minimally invasive decompression. In both these cases relief from the nerve pain can be felt almost immediately from surgery.

The shortcoming of minimally invasive spine surgery is that currently there are only a few experienced surgeons specializing in the field. One could therefore have to travel a long distance just to get a consult from such a surgeon or to have the procedure carried out on them.

Just like any other form of surgery, minimally invasive surgeries are not 100% free of risks. Those suffering from sciatica are always advised to try other non-surgical treatment options before resulting to surgery. A common misconception is that minimally invasive procedures donít leave one with scars but this is not true. Scars do occur but they may be smaller in size as compared to those one might get from open back surgery.

Treating Sciatica

For patients with sciatica caused by herniated discs, the minimally invasive spine surgeries are usually coupled with stem cell therapy. Since the herniated disc is usually removed, stem cell therapy is necessary to ensure that the disc heals and regenerates well. Such procedures are commonly carried out in Celling Treatment Centers who are known to be professionals in stem cell and regenerative medicine.

More recently, new treatments such as percutaneous removal of disk fragments (done through the skin without cutting it) have been developed to ensure a scar free aftermath of surgery.

Sciatica Treatment in USA
Learn more about sciatica and the typical treatments exercised in USA.
Article published March 24th, 2011
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