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Sciatica Treatment

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Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica Treatment in Canada

Sciatica which is a condition that arises due to the pinching of the sciatic nerve is a common condition all over the world. Also known as sciatic nerve pain, it leads to pain down the leg which usually starts in the back or buttocks. The pain can be experienced down the back of the thigh to the calf and sometimes even the foot. This pain can be quite excruciating and often puts down many who experience it making them unable to engage in their daily activities.

There are various methods of treating sciatic pain each with its own pros and cons and these also varies with regions. Sciatica treatment in Canada is usually done using Chymopapain which is an enzyme extract form papaya. It is known to be a good alternative to surgery since it is less invasive and cheaper.

Chymopapain is mostly used in cases where there is a ruptured disc which releases gel that causes pressure on the root of the sciatic nerve. The chymopapain treatment acts by dissolving the gel and releasing the pressure being exerted at the root of the nerve. The treatment is in the form of an injection and the chymopapain is introduced locally where the gel portion of the disc has broken through its casing and is exerting pressure on the nerve.

The whole procedure, which involves pinpointing the exact location of the gel leakage and administering the injection is quite simple and can take as little as half an hour. The process of injecting the chymopapain takes on average about 5 minutes. Some patients have been known to leave the hospital the same day they receive the treatment but ordinarily patients are admitted for one or two days for observation.

Like other forms of sciatica treatment, chymopapain is not a cure on its own and needs to be supplemented with exercise to ensure the damaged nerve is rejuvenated. Patients are encouraged to supplement this treatment with an exercise regime to get back to full health. The only shortcoming is that some people are allergic to the enzyme and an allergy test is therefore necessary before treatment begins.

Sciatica Treatment in Canada
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Article published April 21st, 2011
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