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Relieve Inflammation

Ways to Relieve Inflammation

Sometimes when we have back pain, the lower back gets inflamed as well. This can be due to a variety of reasons. There are some methods and treatments to relieve this inflammation. It must be understood that inflammation is a response mechanism of the body in which the white blood cells of the body protects us from the attacks of the foreign bodies. Type of the treatment which is prescribed to a person depends on his/her age, health conditions, medications being taken, and the severity of the inflammation and back pain. This article discusses common ways to relieve inflammation.

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  • In the Heat or Cold Therapy, hot or cold cloth is kept on the inflamed part of the back. This helps in reducing the inflammation and pain. It also reduces the muscle spasm.
  • In the Spinal Traction method, the practitioner applies a gentle force on the inflamed area and the spine in order to mobilize and stretch the stiffened spine. This reduces the inflammation and pain.
  • The ultrasound device makes circular movements transmitting sound waves to the tissues underneath it. The heat waves involved in the process are effective for many patients and produces quick results.
  • Water spas, bathtubs, and whirlpools are used for the Aquatic Therapy. The varying temperature and water movement around the inflamed area soothes the muscles fast.
  • FLOBAX is a 100% natural pain reliever liquid that has pure minerals. It is a scientifically proved formula that reduces back pains, joint pains neck pains, shoulder pains and inflammation too. Flobax is and effective solution to relieve inflammation and has no side effects.
  • Massaging the inflamed area with varying pressure levels are shown to increase the blood circulation and helps in removing the fluids retained there and reduces the inflammation. The muscles also get relieved quickly.
  • The person having inflammation in the lower back can do some basic exercises which help reduce the swelling and pain. There are specific exercises and your physician will be able to instruct you on these exercises. These exercises help in strengthening your back and spine to absorb the strains, increase the flexibility, and reduce inflammations.
  • There are certain medications available over the counter for relieving the inflammation. Your doctor also can prescribe you the medicine apt for your inflammation. NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drug) is a very effective medication to reduce the inflammation and heals the pain. Muscle relaxants also serve the purpose. The Facet joint injections, which are spinal injections, help a lot in reducing the inflammation and pain. Spinal injections must be taken only as part of your treatment and not to reduce the pain or inflammation alone. Some medications have anti-inflammatory properties. This property helps in reducing the inflammation as well as prevents it from coming back to an extent. If you have the inflammatory type of arthritis which in turn affects your back, then you will have to consult your doctor.

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For some treatments surgery may be required, but most of the treatments do not involve
any surgery and can be treated naturally.

Article published January 27th, 2010 - Relieve Inflammation

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