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Treating Spinal Lumbar Stenosis

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Treating Spinal Lumbar Stenosis

The five vertebral bodies in the lower back are collectively referred to as the lumbar spine. The vertebral bodies in the lumbar region have holes through which nerves leave and enter the spinal canal. These holes are known as foramen. Spinal lumbar stenosis is a condition resulting from the compression of the spinal cord or the nerves. This compression occurs as a result of the narrowing of the spinal canal or the vertebral foramen in the lumbar region of the spine.

The most common cause of spinal lumbar stenosis is degenerative arthritis. The bone spurs formed and the overgrowth of the ligaments reduce the amount of space available within the spinal canal and the foramen resulting in spinal lumbar stenosis. The condition also occurs as a result of spinal tumors, Padget's disease and injuries to the lower back.

Patients suffering from spinal lumbar stenosis experience chronic pain. The pain usually occurs in the lower back and legs. The pain is usually worst when the patient is standing or carrying heavy objects. The pain usually subsides when the patient is resting. However, it may take a few minutes to dull the pain.

Pain treatments for spinal lumbar stenosis are all symptomatic. They only deal with the effects of the disease and do not do anything to reverse the condition. For this reason, Flobax promises to be the best alternative to traditional treatment of spinal lumbar stenosis.

Created by Dominic Petrilli, Flobax is a 1005 natural supplement that can be used to treat pain and reverse some of the effects of lumbar spinal stenosis. Flobax is a liquid treatment that is fully approved for use in the treatment of spinal lumbar stenosis by the FDA. The treatment has been proven to not only help alleviate some of the symptoms of lumbar stenosis such as pain, but also to help joints recover their flexibility and to restore connective tissue.

As we grow older, the cells that produce collagen in our bodies stop functioning. The production of this vital molecule stops. Flobax stimulates the cells to produce new collagen molecules which are used to restore flexibility in the joints and restore connective tissue.  

Treating Lumbar Stenosis
Flobax is the best alternative to treat Spinal Lumbar Stenosis.
Article published on, May 20th, 2011
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