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Lumbar Stenosis Symptoms

Lumbar SpinalLumbar Stenosis › Symptoms

Lumbar Stenosis Symptoms

Spinal Lumbar stenosis is a painful condition resulting from the compression of the nerves or spinal cord in the lumbar region (lower back area). The most recognizable symptom of spinal lumbar stenosis is pain. However, pain in the lower back region and legs can result from any number of conditions. It is therefore important to note the difference in the type and duration of pain experienced by those who suffer from spinal lumbar spinal stenosis.

The pain experienced by people suffering from spinal lumbar stenosis is chronic pain. It develops over a long period of time. Therefore, patients may feel a slight pain that develops to a more severe pain in their lower back and legs over a long period of time.

The pain experienced by those who suffer from spinal lumbar stenosis is not always present. It comes and goes. Patients are therefore not in continuous pain as many other back ailments may present. Patients usually experience intense pain when in certain positions e.g. walking, standing upright or sitting in an upright position. The pain goes eases when the patient stops walking. This is similar to the pain caused by arterial circulatory insufficiency. However, while the pain caused by arterial circulatory insufficiency eases immediately the patient stops walking, the pain caused by lumbar spinal stenosis takes a longer time to ease away.

Lumbar Spine Stenosis Symptoms

Pain caused by lumbar spinal stenosis can also be eased by lying down or sitting in a more relaxed position. Many physicians identify lumbar stenosis from the fact that the pain eases more easily when the patient is in a flexed forward position.

A lumbar stenosis symptom: pain is experienced in the lower back and in the legs. If the sciatica nerve is compressed, shooting pains may be felt running down through the legs. In more severe cases of lumbar spinal stenosis, numbness in the legs and in the lower back. The numbness may be accompanied by a tingling feeling in the legs and lower back region. Patients may also experience a loss in urinary function. When these symptoms are present, the patient should be taken to hospital for emergency treatment.

Lumbar Stenosis Symptoms
Learn more about lumbar stenosis and associated pain and symptoms.
Article published March 10th, 2011
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