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Spinal Stabilization

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Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

The New Science of Back Pain 2nd Edition by Rick Jemmett

One of the best ways of dealing with lower back pain caused by lumbar spinal stenosis or any other degenerative spine condition is by strengthening the muscles and joints that support the lower back region. Spinal Stabilisation by Rick Jemmett illustrates just how you can achieve a stronger lower back and alleviate lower back pain for the long term.

This book is the second edition of Spinal Stabilization. Rick Jemmett offers even more information in this expanded volume on how the spine and the muscles associated with it work. This guide is easy to read and provides people suffering from lower back pain with insight into the causes of back pain and the treatments available for these conditions. The book also provides a comprehensive explanation of the changes that occur that result in pain.

Rick Jemmett supports the widely accepted opinion that developing a strong core will result in a reduction and in many cases an elimination of lower back pain. However, in the second edition of his book he argues that many of the stabilization exercises used by physiotherapists are geared towards obtaining an athletic spine required for high performance. He argues that although these exercises result in a stronger spine and alleviate pain, the patients only feel the benefits of the activities for the short term. However, he insists that the exercises illustrated in this second edition are tailored to correction of the problem causing pain rather than simply treating the symptoms. The book contains clear illustrations accompanied with detailed instructions on how to correctly execute the exercises.

Spinal Stabilization
Comprehensive explanation of the changes that occur that result in pain.
Article published on, May 20th, 2011
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