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Lumbar Physical Therapy

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Lumbar Physical Therapy

Unless your condition requires emergency treatment, spinal stenosis treatment usually begins with the administration of one of many conservative treatment options. Lumbar physical therapy is one of the most popular conservative treatment options amongst lumbar spinal stenosis patients. Physical therapy will not only help to relieve the pain that is experienced by people suffering from this condition but will also help to restore movement in the troubled area. Whether you decide to go with medication or have to undergo surgery, lumbar physical therapy will be included in your recovery regime.

There are two types of treatments used in physical therapy: passive and active. Both treatments are used in a single therapy session. A typical physical therapy session will begin with passive treatments to help you relax both mentally and physically.

These passive treatments help you to prepare for the therapeutic
part of the session which involves active treatments

There are various passive treatments used by physicians depending on the nature of your condition. Deep tissue massages are administered to ease chronic muscle tension in the lower back. This involves the direct application of pressure and friction on the soft tissues in the lower back to release tension that has built up through the stresses of daily life.
Hot and cold therapies involve the application of heat or cold to the affected area. Heat increases the circulation of blood in the area bringing with it nutrients and oxygen to aid the healing process. Cold therapy slows down the flow of blood to the area, resulting in a reduction of inflammation, pain and muscle spasms in the afflicted area.

Lumbar Stenosis Physical Therapy

Ultrasounds are also used in passive lumbar physical therapy. The application of ultrasound to the affected area helps to increase circulation and reduce muscle cramping, swelling, pain and stiffness. This is achieved by the creation of gentle heat as a result of the penetration of sound waves into the deep tissues.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a machine used to stimulate the muscles in the affected area using varying intensities of electrical current. The machine can be used by patients in their homes if the therapist allows it.

Active lumbar physical therapy involves the administration of a set of exercises designed to build strength and endurance in the muscles. These exercises are administered by a specialist and should be done only under their supervision to avoid serious injuries.

Lumbar Physical Therapy
Lumbar physical therapy prescribed to those suffering from lumbar stenosis.
Article published March 10th, 2011
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