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Lumbar Treatments

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Lumbar Treatments

Lumbar Stenosis Treatment

Treatment of spinal lumbar stenosis begins with conservative treatment methods. Back and leg pain resulting from spinal lumbar stenosis can be treated by the administration of medication. Common medications administered include Non Steriodal Anti Inflammatiory Drugs (NAIDS). Corticosteroid injections may also be prescribed to ease pain. These involve the administration of about three injections in the course of six weeks the injection works to reduce pain and inflammation.

Rest and physical therapy may be prescribed to reduce pain. Rest will reduce the pressure on the nerves. Physical therapy involves a set of special exercises designed to reduce increase strength and endurance of the muscles supporting the spine. Physical therapy also involves stretches and massages which increase the flow of blood to the spine and increase flexibility and motion in the damaged area.

More aggressive lumbar treatment is only recommended when the conservative measures fail. Decompression surgery is the most common procedure following the failure of conservative methods. The surgery involves the portions of the vertebrae, ligaments or intervertebral discs that are causing the compression of the nerves or spinal cord. The procedure is invasive and very involving. Major muscle groups and surrounding soft tissues are destroyed or injured in the process.

To solve the problems associated with invasive surgical treatments for spinal lumbar stenosis, less invasive surgical techniques were developed. The X-Stop Interspinous Process Spacer is a device that is placed within the joint of the spine between two vertebrae. This decompresses the disc allowing the disc to regain its original height and volume. The X-Stop is designed to be left within the spinal column permanently. However, in some cases where significant improvement is observed, the X-Stop device is removed during a second surgical procedure.

The X-Stop Interspinous process eliminates the need for the removal of any vital bones or tissues. You are therefore at liberty to consider other lumbar treatment alternatives after the surgery. The recovery period is considerably shorter than that of the normal decompression surgeries. Pain is commonly experienced around the wound. However, the pain fades away with time. Muscular weakness may be experienced in the back. This fades away with time provided no muscles were injured during the operation.

Lumbar Treatment
Treatment of spinal lumbar stenosis begins with conservative treatment methods.
Article published March 10th, 2011
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