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Lower Back Pain

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Lower Back Pain

Low Back Pain FAQs: Frequently asked Questions

Many people aged 45 and over suffer from chronic low back pain. This is the leading cause of disability within this age group. Dr. David Gutknecht's book, Low Back Pain FAQs, is a resource book for all those who have questions regarding chronic and acute low back pain. This book was written as a resource for patients and those close to them. The information is provided in simple and straightforward language.

The book is arranged in a question and answer format. Questions presented are some of the most common questions patients ask when they are faced with chronic or acute back pain. The answers are aimed at empowering patients. Patients can learn how best to manage the pain they experience in their lower backs.

Dr. Gutknecht explains how to identify the different types of pain. Patients will be able to identify pain that is indicative of a more serious problem after reading this book. The author also explains to the patients when surgery is necessary for the management of back pain and why it would be necessary in these cases. The book also explains how to relieve the pain through exercise and positive lifestyle choices.

This book is aimed at providing patients with in depth information on the low back pain and how to effectively manage it. The illustrations and descriptions are clear and simple to understand. Key concepts are explained in clear and concise language. Information provided on various treatment modalities is based on research that is up to date.

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Low Back Pain FAQs (FAQs Series)

Lower Back Pain
Low Back Pain FAQs (FAQs Series) by David Gutknecht MD
Book Review published July 28th, 2011
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