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Herniated Disc Relief

Herniated Disc Relief

The vertebrae that form our backbone are all protected by spongy discs. These small discs serve as shock absorbers for our backbone and keep us flexible when they are healthy. The discs break open or bulge when they are damaged. This condition is known as Herniated Disc.

Herniated Disc can occur in any part of your spine, though lower back of our bodies are more affected.

Herniated Disc is caused by wear and tear or injury. Wear and tear occurs as a part of normal aging process in which the discs become dry and are not flexible anymore. Injury, on the other hand, creates tiny cracks thus causing the gel to come out from the discs.

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When nerve roots are pressed by Herniated Disc, you may experience numbness, pain and weakness in that part of the body where the nerve goes. If you are suffering from Herniated Disc in the lower back, you will suffer from numbness and pain down the legs and in your buttocks. This condition is also known as Sciatica. If no nerve is pressed by the Herniated Disc, either there will be no pain or you may suffer from back pain. If you are suffering from numbness and weakness in both the legs and are also experiencing lack of bowel or bladder control, you may need immediate medical attention. This condition is known as Cauda Equina Syndrome.

Doctors diagnose the condition by examining you and asking questions about your symptoms. At times symptoms are so clear that you may not need any tests at all. At other times, CT scan or MRI might be needed to confirm your Herniated Disc condition.

Herniated Disc Relief - Treatment

  1. In case you are suffering from severe pain, rest may help. Otherwise, staying active will maintain the flexibility and strength of your body. Your muscles become weaker if you stay inactive for more than one or two days. Light activities such as walking may be highly beneficial.
  2. Take a warm shower or use a heating pad for about 15 minutes after every 2-3 hours. If you donít like using heating pads, using ice pack with the same frequency may also help.
  3. Be regular with exercise regimen suggested by your doctor or therapist. These activities maintain the strength of your back muscles and prevent further injury.
  4. Medicines also help us alleviate symptoms such as pain, though they donít cure Herniated Disc.

Herniated Disc heals itself over a period of time and about 50% patients recover within one month and most get better within six months. Only one in ten persons has to go for surgery ultimately. Once you have become a patient, the best strategy to follow is patience. If your symptoms do not improve in a few months, only then you need to talk to your doctor about surgery.

Once your back has been hurt, you are likely to suffer from recurring back pain. As a preventive measure, you should protect your back when you are lifting anything. Make sure the pressure is on your legs and not on the back. Maintaining a good posture also helps a lot in providing proper support to your lower back.

Herniated Disc Relief
Herniated Disc is caused by wear and tear or injury.
Article published January 17th, 2011
Herniated Disc Relief

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