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Degenerative Disc Treatments

Degenerative Disc TreatmentDegenerative Disc Disorder › Degenerative Disc Treatments

Degenerative Disc Treatments

Degenerative Disc Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Many people who suffer from degenerative disc disorder experience pain in the lower back. In most cases the pain is periodic and tends to flare up from time to time then subside. This pain often does not get any worse. For this group of people, managing lower back pain is the number one priority. Treatments for lower back pain caused by degenerative disc disorder can be classified as either passive treatments or active. Passive treatments are those that are done to the patient by a professional trained in the treatments of lower back pain.

Active Degenerative Disc Treatments are those that
the patient can administer to themselves.

Degenerative Disc Treatment: Medication

Pain medication is a passive treatment that treats the symptoms of degenerative disc disorder. This treatment includes the administration of pain relief drugs such as oral steroids, acetaminophen, muscle relaxants and narcotic drugs. These drugs have adverse effects and are administered depending on the patientís lower back problem. Epidural injections are also used to reduce the effects of inflammation in the lower back region as well as relieve the pain.

Degenerative Disc Treatment: Chiropractor

Chiropractic manipulation is a common passive treatment for lower back pain and degenerative disc disorder. It involves the administration of specialized exercises under the close supervision of a trained professional. These exercises strengthen the muscles in the back and increase flexibility of the spine. Therapeutic massages can be included to loosen up tight muscles and sooth nerves.

In some cases TENS units are used. These are small devices that override pain signals sent to the lower back by delivering mild electrical stimulation to this region. In extreme cases of pain caused by degenerative disc disorder ultrasound machines are used. Ultrasound is used to warm the affected area. This encourages the flow of blood in the area bringing with it nutrients for healing.

Degenerative Disc Treatment: Low Impact Exercises

Active lower back treatments for degenerative disc disorder include regular low impact exercise. These help in developing strength, flexibility and endurance. Exercises combine low impact aerobics, stretching and strength training. Patients can also actively lose some weight to reduce the amount of pressure on the spine. Patients are also encouraged to make lifestyle changes such as quit smoking and consuming less alcohol.

Degenerative Disc Treatments
Treatments for lower back pain caused by degenerative disc disorder
Article published February 17th, 2011
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