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Disc Disease Treatments

Degenerative Disc TreatmentDegenerative Disc Disorder › Therapeutic Methods

Degenerative Disc Disease Treatments

Therapeutic Methods

In the past, degenerative disc disease was treated by the administration of a surgical procedure known as spinal fusion. This procedure involved joining adjacent vertebrae. This would restrict movement in this area and thus prevent further damage to the nerves in the area. However, this resulted in the overloading of the segments in the spinal column. Several corrective or subsequent surgeries were required following spinal fusion surgery. Several patients who have undergone spinal fusion have expressed dissatisfaction with the results of the procedure.

New techniques for the treatment of degenerative disc disease have been sought since. The techniques sought would have to meet several requirements in order to be considered. They should allow for the restoration of mobility of the spinal column as well as avoid overloading of any segments in the spine. At the time of the writing of this article, different therapeutic methods for the treatment of degenerative disc disorder are still under investigation. However, the replacement of intervertebral discs is considered the best alternative for spinal fusion.

Degenerative disc replacement involves the removal of the damaged disc and its replacement with a prosthetic disc. The surgery may involve biological reconstruction or artificial disc replacement. Depending on the degree of damage, the surgery may involve the replacement of the nucleus of the intervertebral disc or the replacement of the whole disc. Degenerative disc replacement allows for the restoration of movement in the spine. The procedure also results in the elimination of pain in the affected area as the nerves are no longer under pressure.

There are several other new therapeutic methods for the
treatment of degenerative disc disorder that involve the
management of the symptoms manifested.

These methods include acupuncture, massage therapy, therapeutic exercise, chiropractic manipulation and the administration of analgesics, steroidal and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The disorder can also be managed by losing body weight and maintaining a healthy body weight to reduce pressure on the back. Maintaining a proper posture while walking, standing, sitting and lifting objects is also promoted as a method of managing degenerative disc disorder.

Degenerative Disc Disease Treatments
Information center on therapeutic methods for degenerative disc disorder.
Article published February 25th, 2011
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