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Spinal Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative Disc TreatmentDegenerative Disc Disorder › Spinal Degenerative Disc Disease

Spinal Degenerative Disc Disease

Disc degeneration is a natural element of the ageing process.

Spinal degenerative disc disorder therefore is part and parcel of ageing. As the human body ages the intervertebral discs lose some of their features. The volume of water within the discs reduces and the proteins and collagen in the solution undergo chemical changes. The chemical changes result in more rigid substances. The changes that occur within the discs result in the flattening of the discs. This may result in a herniated disc which presses against nerves or the spinal cord itself. In some cases, the discs may develop tears through which the liquid contents sip out.

Degenerative disc disorder occurs when disc degeneration occurs abnormally. The condition is non-reversible and it is better to prevent it rather than deal with the painful symptoms. There are several treatments available for the condition. However, many of them are symptomatic and none can completely reverse the condition. Surgical treatment is only considered as a last resort and in case of an emergency.

Learn more about spinal degenerative disc disorder from the resources below:

Back Pain - a Common Symptom

Learning about the causes of a disease will help you prevent the onset of the condition. Learn about age related and non-age related causes of degenerative disc disorder.

Common symptoms and diagnosis of degenerative disc disorder

Early diagnosis of degenerative disc disorder allows for treatment of the condition before it develops into something more severe.

Chiropractic treatment for degenerative disc disorder

Surgical treatment and medication all have adverse side effects and are only recommended if all other conservative treatments have failed. Chiropractic treatment has no side effects and offers the advantage of helping patients to develop strength and endurance.

Preventing degenerative disc disorder

The best offense is a good defense. Degenerative disc disorder is a non-reversible condition. It is therefore advisable to prevent the onset of the condition rather than have to seek treatment for it when it occurs. Prevention of the condition involves simple steps to a healthier lifestyle overall.

Degenerative disc treatments for the lower back

Degenerative disc disorder commonly affects the lower back region. There are several treatments available for this condition that concentrate on reliving symptoms in the lower back area.

Degenerative Disc Disorder
Spinal Degenerative Disc Disease Information
Article published February 17th, 2011
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