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Degenerative Disc Treatments

Degenerative Disc TreatmentDegenerative Disc Disorder › Degenerative Disc Treatments

Degenerative Disc Treatments

Degenerative disc disorder is an extremely painful condition. Although the pain is intermittent, when it is present it is difficult for those suffering from this condition to carry on as normal. Since the condition is not reversible, it is important for those diagnosed with it to learn how to manage the symptoms of the disease properly in order to live a productive life.

Back pain relief drugs will help you continue with those activities that were hindered by the presence of pain in your back. Pain medication includes oral steroids, narcotic drugs, muscle relaxants and acetaminophen. These drugs are administered to patients on prescription basis and have adverse side effects. If you are suffering from pain in the lower back region due to inflammation in this region, epidural injections may be administered to help ease the pain and alleviate inflammation.

To ease the pressure on your spinal column you ought to consider losing some body weight. The more weight we carry on our bodies the more strain and pull we place on the bones and joints of our backs. Losing some extra pounds will help ease the burden on your spinal column. Maintaining a healthy weight is a recommended degenerative disc disorder management technique.

Degenerative Disc Therapy

Strengthening the muscles that support your spinal column will also help to reduce the pressure on the discs in your spine. There are several therapeutic exercises available that are specific for degenerative disc disorder therapy. It is advisable however to consult your doctor before embarking on any fitness routine so as to avoid further damaging your back. Exercises for degenerative disc disorder therapy involve cardiovascular training for overall fitness, weight training for strength in the back and stomach as well as a series of stretches to improve flexibility.

If your doctor feels that you are eligible, you may be provided with TENS units. These small devices overwrite signals of pain. They send mild electrical currents to the region from which the pain radiates to nullify the pain signal. These units are used in the management of degenerative disc disease affecting the lower back.

Degenerative Disc Treatments
Overview providing information, diagnosis
and treatment of degenerative disc disorder.

Article published February 25th, 2011
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