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Degenerative Disc Disorder

Degenerative Disc TreatmentDegenerative Disc Disorder › Back Pain

Back Pain of Degenerative Disc Disorder

Degenerative disc disorder is a painful condition that results from the compression of nerves as they leave the spinal column. The condition develops when the intervertebral discs flatten and the space between the vertebrae narrows, causing the nerves to be compressed.

Degenerative disc disorder can occur anywhere along the spinal column. However, the most common cases are in the neck region (cervical degenerative disc disorder) and the lower back region (lumbar degenerative disc disorder). Pain associated with degenerative disc disorder is therefore usually manifested in the neck and back regions.

The back and neck pain experienced in degenerative disc disorder is either inflammatory pain or mechanical pain. Mechanical pain occurs as a result of the physical damage to the nerves. Inflammatory pain results from chemical irritation. Inflammatory proteins from within the disc are exposed to other tissues in the locality of the damage. This results in irritation of the local area which in turn causes a painful reaction.

In Lumbar degenerative disc pain is felt in the lower back. The pain gets worse when the patient is sitting upright than when they are standing. Pain experienced when twisting, lifting or bending is excruciating as this places even more pressure on the spinal column which in turn places more pressure on the compressed nerves. The pain may radiate to the legs in cases where the sciatica nerve is affected.

In Cervical degenerative disc disorder, the pain is felt in the back of the neck. Pain may be low grade and result in a stiff neck. Many patients with this condition experience numbness, tingling sensations and weakness in the arms.

Pain associated with degenerative disc disorder in the neck
and in the back is chronic, it develops over a period of time and does not
necessarily get worse even when the disease progresses.

Many people experience pain intermittently. It may be present one day and absent the next. However, the condition is not reversible. Therefore, the absence of pain is not an indication of healing. Pain can be managed by the administration of pain medication, anti inflammatory drugs as well as physical therapy.

Degenerative Disc Back Pain
Most common cases are Degenerative Disc
Pain is manifested in the neck and spine

Article published February 25th, 2011
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