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Benefits of Collagen

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Benefits of Collagen

As you age you notice that there are wrinkles appearing on your skin. This is because with age, your skin loses the collagens which give you that smooth texture. Collagen is a protein that is an important part of our skin, bones and tissues. This article discusses various benefits of collagen.

Reduces joint pains

Another benefit that human body derives from collagen is that it is the primary player in keeping our joints pain free. If you have back pain or joints pain, collagens help in reducing the inflammation and pain. It functions by reducing the oxidative damages which happens to the joints. And this way, collagen helps in stimulating the joints and reducing the swelling and pain. Collagen is one of the ingredients of FLOBAX that is a very effective 100% natural liquid pain reliever. It also helps in reducing inflammation.

Strong Nails & Hair

Additionally, collagens play a vital role in strengthening the nails and hair. It provides the cuticles the necessary nourishment for maintaining the color and strength. Nails become stronger when collagens are present. The breaking off does not happen. Your hair texture itself is different when the collagen levels are sufficient in your body. If the collagen levels fall down the hair becomes dull and dry.

Toned Muscles

This compound is also helpful in keeping your muscles well-toned. It replenishes the lean muscles and helps in improving the body fat in a desirable way. So collagen is an important factor in the weight management.

Enhances beauty

Collagen treatments are used by some people to increase the volume of the lips and smoothing out the wrinkles around the mouth region. It also helps in defining the lip lines and makes your lips more attractive and healthy looking. The effects of collagen are visible on the acne scars also. Collagen treatments help in filling up the shallow scars which are developed due to the acnes. It gives your face a younger and refreshed look.

Get Wrinkle-Free Skin

Our body needs collagen to ensure that our skin remains wrinkle free, and when collagen gets depleted, the skin develops wrinkles and the other different signs of aging. So if you intend to take care of your skin well, then Collagen is the best skin care treatment for you. These treatments make use of a keratin ingredient which penetrates deep into your skin and stimulates your collagens and elastins to re-grow. This is much better than other kind of treatments as it makes your body’s cells to work better for a healthy skin. In Collagen treatments, the cream is applied topically and does not involve any complexities.

To maintain the levels of collagen in the body, one needs to have its regular supply. This can be via the production of natural collagens in the body or by taking collagen supplements. Collagen supplements function best when you take it before your physical activities or exercises. It increases the performance and energy. If you plan to take Collagen injections take a sample dose to see if there are any allergic reactions. Allergic reactions can be redness, swelling, or itchiness. If you experience any of this, you may have to consult your doctor before taking the Collagen injection.

Article updated February 17th, 2011 - Back Pain Relief

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